Why Use MDPI?
o is not doing well in math classes.
o is not doing well on state mandated testing.
o achieves "average" scores on norm referenced standardized tests
 but is still not realizing success in his mathematics program.
o is meeting achievement goals but is struggling to do so.
o has a diagnosed learning disability, but its impact on mathematics has not been investigated.
o has been identified as having a learning disability in mathematics but the nature of that disability has not been fully described.
o feels discouraged and lacks self-efficacy in mathematics.

o The MDPI is designed to be administered to students, ages 7 to 15, whose cognitive potential is at least in the average range but who are struggling in mathematics.
For Whom is the MDPI Most Appropriate?
The MDPI is designed to be administered to students aged 7 to 14 whose cognitive potential is in the average range and who are struggling in mathematics. Using the MDPI, examiners will gain a greater appreciation of why a student is having difficulty and can use that knowledge to personalize interventions. Because of the MDPI's broader focus on the qualitative and stylistic features and their relationships to more general cognitive parameters, mathematics specialists and tutors can use the results to design and select differentiated approaches which will best respond to the student's curriculum needs.
     The MDPI does not necessarily require special knowledge and expertise in mathematics, although an understanding of mathematical concepts and mathematics programs is helpful.The MDPI can be administered by classroom teachers, special educators, mathematics specialists, tutors, and psychologists. Classroom teachers and special educators can use the MDPI to gain specific detail about about the nature of a student's strengths and weaknesses in mathematics as well as a greater understanding of the cognitive underpinnings that can explain the student's performance in the classroom. Ppsychologists can use the MDPI to determine if a student is prepared to meet the expectations that are found in the mathematics curricula and programs in which the student is participating. Psychologists will also be able to use the findings of the MDPI to further amplify the formulation of a student's more general cognitive profile by describing its specific manifestations in mathematics.
Who Should Administer the MDPI?
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