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Maria Marolda has been the Senior Mathematics Specialist in the Learning Disabilities Program of Boston Childrens Hospital for over forty years. The Learning Disabilities Program is part of the neurology department. This affiliation has provided her the framework with which to interpret mathematical performance within the context of broader neuro-cognitive features. Ms. Marolda is a Research Associate at the Harvard Medical School. She has also served as a consultant to public and independent schools across the country on issues related to mathematics education, including assessments/diagnostics, curriculum and instructional practice. She is the author of several books, journal articles and other publications in mathematics for students and teachers.

Ellen Boiselle is a specialist in Child Development, with a particular emphasis on the development of mathematical skills in children. She is Associate Director of the Learning Disabilities Program and Mathematics Specialist in the L.D. Program at Boston Childres Hospital as well as a Research Associate at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Boiselle has conducted research on qualitative features of mathematics performance as well as the efficacy of various assessment measures in predicting mathematical success. She serves as consultant to many independent and private schools and has published papers on learning disabilities in mathematics.
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