Outputs of the Expert System
Inputs to the Expert System
During the assessment, the examiner uses the Data Recording sheet to manually record the students responses and the examiner's observations. This information is then entered by the examiner into two online computer worksheets. First, the Scoring Checklist where scores are entered for each item of the assessment using specifically defined criteria. The examiner then enters the student's approaches and observations made during the assessment on a Performance Characteristics Checklist. At this point, MDPI Analytics takes over..
Highlights Of The MDPI
MDPI Analytics: Input/Output
The major output of the Expert System is the Mathematics Learning Profile of the student.
This profile is described in a Summary of Findings Chart which provides a detailed analysis
of the student's skills and approaches. It defines the achievement levels as well as the qualitative factors that influence performance, the student's inherent processing style
and the executive processes (cognitive factors) that can impact the learning of mathematics
as well as those behavioral and affective postures that can affect performance..
Mathematics Learning Profile
    MDPI Analytics
Research Basis
Test Kit & Components
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