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MDPI General Description
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Many students in today's complex world encounter problems with learning the mathematical skills appropriate to their cognitive potential and are found to be struggling in the subject. Currently, there are limited tools available to mathematics professionals for identifying the underlying issues that are impeding the student's progress and then prescribing appropriate interventions. Most math assessment instruments may assess specific skills, but they reveal little information as to the nature and quality of the studentís poor performance, or the reasons why a child is experiencing difficulty.

More than a simple assessment, what is needed is a comprehensive diagnostic instrument that can provide a thorough understanding of the learning issues underlying the studentís poor performance in mathematics. The Mathematics Diagnostic/Prescriptive Inventory (MDPI), an individualized evaluation tool, provides educational professionals with an easy, efficient, yet comprehensive, instrument that assesses a student's performance, and then diagnoses the source of the student's challenges. It is designed as an individualized clinical interview for students ages 7 to 15 and generally takes between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours. The outputs are the generation of a student's diagnosis and prescription options for intervention.
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