Training Workshops
Math Diagnostics will conduct an optional workshop with a group of professionals from Subscriber organizations. It can be presented on-site or with a Webinar. The purpose of the session will be to demonstrate the use of the MDPI from the assessment to the input of the data to the interpretation of the results.
Mathematics Prescriptive/Diagnostic Inventory(click for full description)
Highlights Of The MDPI
A comprehensive set of activities is provided to assess and diagnose math difficulties and prescribe an intervention program. The activities include concrete mathematical models, corresponding activity cards with specific directions for the activities as well as a Data Recording form. Access is provided to an online program to then input the student's performance. The program, using an Expert System, generates a Mathematics Learning Profile, which includes achievement level, qualitative features of performance, the student's personal mathematics learning style as well as executive processes and behavioral postures that impact mathematics performance.
Mathematics Learning Profile
Research Basis
Key Features
Test Kit
Analytics Input/Output