Outputs of the Expert System
Inputs to the Expert System
During the examination, the examiner uses the Data Recording sheet to manually record the students responses and the examiner's observations. This information is then entered by the examiner into two online worksheets. The Mathematics Achievement Scoring worksheet is used to record the student's responses. The computer then generates an achievement level by grade and by topic. The examiner also enters observations of the student's thinking processes into the Performance Characteristics worksheet. This data is used to generate descriptions of the student's processing strategies, as well as the qualitative and executive features that impact the quality of his solutions and his learning
Highlights Of The MDPI
MDPI Analytics: Expert System
The major output of the Expert System is the Mathematics Learning Profile of the particular student. This report is the detailed analysis of the student's performance. It defines the achievement levels as well as the qualitative factors that influence performance and the executive processes (cognitive factors)that can impact the learning of mathematics. The features of the student's Mathematics Learning Profile are synthesized in a Summary of Findings report. The MDPI provides a format for that report and the Analytics insert entries which highlight the significant issues. This report also provides references to Prescriptions that can be found in the Prescriptions Handbook. They describe strategies and differentiated approaches to topics that will be useful for the student to overcome his difficulties..
Mathematics Learning Profile
Research Basis
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Analytics Input/Output
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